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The Independent Wine Centre (IWC) provides an unparalleled standard of wine education in the Asia Pacific region. We work with the food and beverage industry as well as the general public.
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19 June 2008
IWC Wine Appreciation I (品酒初級班) - (8,15 Jul 08)
IWC Wine Appreciation I (品酒初級班) - (10,17 Jul 08)
IWC Wine Appreciation I (品酒初級班) - (22,29 Jul 08)
IWC Wine Tasting - Identify Corked Wines - (12 Jul 08)
IWC Wine Tasting - Shapes of Taste to Come - (19 Jul 08)
WSET Advanced Certificate Tutorial- (24, 31 Jul 08)
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IWC Wine Appreciation I (品酒初級班)
"Great course. Very informative and taught in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with plenty of good wines to try. Perfect for someone who enjoys their wine and would like to know more." - Annabel d'Avillez
Course Introduction: The most complete introductory wine course for the contemporary wine consumer.
Course Approach:
IWC Wine Appreciation I is designed to provide the most comprehensive foundation for wine-tasting at all levels, both professional and social. The course focuses on refining your sensory evaluation techniques and developing your sensory awareness.
Pre-requsites: All you need is a passion for wine.
The basics of wine, origins of the main tastes and styles in wine, and how to recognize them.
4 contact hours spread over two weeks.
Assessment: Continuous class assessment.
Study Progress:
When you successfully complete IWC Wine Appreciation I, you'll receive an IWC Award Certificate and can progress to IWC Wine Appreciation II.
Class 1 : Tuesday 7:00-9:00pm (8, 15 Jul 08)
Class 2 : Thursday 7:00-9:00pm (10, 17 Jul 08)
Class 3 : Tuesday 7:00-9:00pm (22, 29 Jul 08)
Course fee HK$1,600 is inclusive of course notes, tuition and international wines for tasting
Session Plan of IWC Wine Appreciation I
Week 1 - Introduction to Wine, basic elements in wine, wine styles and grape varieties
Week 2 - Understanding wine quality, wine countries and regions
IWC Wine Tasting - Identifying Corked Wines (12 Jul 08)
Instead of being a victim of corked wine, come to our seminar to find out the cause and the taste of this nasty but rampant wine fault. About 10% of all wines are corked, we will demonstrate to you not just the horrid TCA musty-dank but how TCA in low concentration affects wine. It will be necessary to refresh our palate with a glass of Champagne Dom Pérignon.
4:30-6:00pm (12 Jul 08)
Course fee HK$ 980
IWC Wine Tasting - Shapes of Taste to Come (19 Jul 08)
A revolutionary way to taste and recognize wine. If wine tasting to you only means Colour, Nose and Taste, then this seminar will open your eyes. It is how professional wine judge tastes and describes wines. The "Shape of Taste to Come" is also the underlying principle of Bordeaux and Champagne blending. At the completion of the seminar you will join the some of the world's elite wine tasters.
4:30-6:00pm (19 Jul 08 )
Course fee HK$ 1,200
WSET Advanced Certificate Tutorial (24, 31 Jul 08)

For students who prefer to study at their own pace

Achieve the WSET Award for the WSET Advanced Certificate for as little as HK$5,000
(including study packs, tutorials & exam)

Tutorial 1

WSET Systematic Tasting System, Revision Tuition, Old World Wine and tasting - 16 Wines for tasting

Date : 24 Jul 08 (Thur)
Time: 6:45 -9:00pm

Tutorial 2

New World Countries, Champagne and Liqueur wine tasting - 16 wines for tasting

Date : 31 Jul 08 (Thur)
Time: 6:45-9:00pm

Exam Date - 16 Aug 08 (Sat)
Course fee HK$ 5,000 is inclusive of study packs, tutorial & exam
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Enroll: IWC Wine Appreciation I (品酒初級班) - (Class 1 - 8, 15 Jul 08)
  IWC Wine Appreciation I (品酒初級班) - (Class 2 - 10, 17 Jul 08)
  IWC Wine Appreciation I (品酒初級班) - (Class 3 - 22, 29 Jul 08)
  IWC Wine Tasting - Identify Corked Wines - (12 Jul 08)
  IWC Wine Tasting - Shapes of Taste to Come - (19 Jul 08)
  WSET Advanced CertificateTutorial - (24, 31 Jul 08)
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The Independent Wine Centre (IWC) is a registered examination centre (number 833) of the UK Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET). Our tutors are accredited by the WSET and we offer the full range of WSET courses; the Intermediate Certificate, Advanced Certificate and Diploma. The IWC also offers a series of courses designed to suit every level of wine experience and can award Certificates of Attendance / Competence for these courses if required.
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