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9 September 2009
Work and Play

IWC recently hosted a customer relationship building wine tasting workshop night for FunctionEight (F8), one of Hong Kong's very best IT services providers.

Any time is a good time to think about how to thank your customers, staff or partners for their support. A customised IWC wine tasting workshop offers a fun option which will not only strengthen your corporate relationships through networking, but all participants will come away with invaluable winetasting skills and knowledge. Contact us to discuss your events

IWC "Super Taster Scholarship"

We had a huge response to our very first "Guess What?'" competition last month.

One of the lucky winners, Chris Robinson international wine judge, winemaker and convenor of Slow Food and Hong Kong Wine Society (who correctly guessed the picture was of Château Lafite), has generously asked to donate his prize of an IWC Super Taster I course to a passionate wine lover with less tasting experience. Well, the IWC thinks Chris is such a nice guy for doing this that we've decided to match his generosity by adding a Super Taster II and a Super Taster III course to create an IWC "Super Taster Scholarship" for one lucky reader.

So if you love wine and are looking to get some top notch education under your belt, please email us as admin@iwinecentre.com and tell us in 50 words or less why YOU deserve the IWC "Super Taster Scholarship". Entries must be received by 21 September, 2009.

IWC's Wonderful Workshops

Whatever your wine desire, IWC is serving up a range of delectable workshops to dazzle your taste buds. Coming up, we are exploring the very best American drops, as well as the chance to put your winemaking theories into practice in our blending workshop. See the IWC Tasting Courses section for more details.

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Best of America Workshop

A rare opportunity to sample the finest vintages and hard to find bottles, featuring producers: Far Niente, Ramey, Dierburg, Chateau Montelena, Schramsberg, Gallo and many others. Discover the great wine regions of Napa Valley, Oregon and more.

Blending Workshop

Learn the art of wine blending and create your very own special blend. Under winemaker Eddie's guidance learn how to masterfully create a Bordeaux blend which will be put to the test against one of the world's greats.

Here are the all-important course dates for the coming month:


Eddie test drives the latest trendy wines!

Alvaro Castro, PAPE, Dao Portugal, 2004

To my eyes and palate Alvaro Castro is one of the most exciting producers from Portugal. He consistently produces wines with exceptional quality which reflect region and country. PAPE is an ultra complex blend of two indigenous grapes varieties from Dao: Touriga Nacional and Baga. This wonderful combination provides lovely aromas of ripe currants and baking spices. The structure of the palate is vibrant, long lasting and intense. Tannin presence is impeccable making this wine cellar worthy.

Food match: hot off the wok, braised beef and ho fun noodles sitting out in one of the local dai pai dongs.

Head to the IWC website to read about another five star wine, the Vietti, Lazzarito, Barolo, Italy, 1999.

Char Sui and Roast Duck Rice

Char Sui and Roast Duck Rice are about as Hong Kong as Victoria Harbour. It is a simple and delicious meal. The Char Sui is slow roasted pork which remains juicy and very moist. There are many different cuts, ranging from almost 50 per cent meat/fat to lean meat to choose from. Char Sui should be tender and flavourful, but not be too dry or greasy. The glistening coating is a combination of meat juice and honey; this gives Char Sui its unique sweet savoury contrast. Inevitably hung next to the Char Sui is crispy roast duck.

The fowls are marinated and air dried before roasting, which gives a crispy skin and much rendered fat. Roast duck should be evenly brown on the outside and moist on the inside. It should be evenly flavoured with Chinese five spices and dark soya. The best wines with Char Sui and Roast Duck Rice needs to have plenty of fruit, especially for the sweet Char Sui. Balanced tannins in the wine will allow the meat texture to shine; excessive oak in the wine is an awkward flavour marker.
2004 Bairrada, Sao Lorenzo, Sílvio Cerveira (Portugal)
Lam and Cerveira (852) 3116 6668
There is a delicious revolution going on in Portugal. The new generation of winemakers are technologically savvy and conscious of international taste. Cereveira is a great example. This Bairrada is very much fruit driven and has not a hint of ‘rustic' winemaking that is still somewhat rampant in the beautiful Bairrada region. The oak handling is respectful to the grape's richness and is very well balanced. This fruit rich Bairrada is yummy with roast duck rice and a salty duck egg. The wine has ample of deep fruit to message the duck's gamey flavour and the salty duck gives the wine a good platform to elevate further. Serve this Sao Lorenzo also with hard matured, crumbly cheese.
2007 Pinot Noir, Felton Road, Otago (New Zealand)
Watsons (HK) Ph: (852) 2606 8828
There are a few Pinot producers that are taking the Burgundian head on. Felton Road is one of them. The vineyards are grown on an old glacier base in Otago, central South Island of New Zealand. As well as the regularly priced but stunning Pinot Noir, Felton Road also has a number of single vineyards such as Block 4 and Block 6, both of which are shamelessly Burgundian in style but at a third the price. This Felton Road is excellent with Char Sui Rice. The many fruit tones mingle well with the highs and lows of Chinese Five Spice notes. The wine is fruity enough to handle the Char Sui honey sweetness which can be a problem with lesser wines. The wine's balancing tannins add textural depth and prolong the combined tastes.
2005 Malbec, Afincado, Terrazas, Mendoza (Argentina)
MHD HK: (852) 2976 1684

High in the mountains above Argentina's Mendoza region are a series of terraces. These terraces are filled with densely planted grape vines. The vines have all the clean water they need from melted snow. They also get a diverse range of growing temperatures based on their altitude. Winemakers are able to match specific altitude to bring out the best of each varieties. This Afincado Malbec is one such perfectly match wine. It is not only top of the line but, as it is grown high up in the Andes, the grapes have plenty of time to grow and develop flavours. The result is easy to taste. Serve this wine with a Char Sui and Roast Goose rice combination. Watch how the complex lush fruit dances between the sweet Char Sui and flavourful goose. The rice in this case simply acts as the backdrop.

Peek into the IWC Laboratory and Win!

Here's a shot from the IWC winemaker's lab. See if you can guess what it is - there are some brilliant prizes on offer:

1st Prize
A spot in the IWC's Super Taster I course, plus a bottle of Dom Perignon

2nd Prize
A spot in the IWC's Super Taster I course, plus a bottle of Gonet-Medville Blanc de Noir NV

3rd Prize
A spot in the IWC's Super Taster I course.

Note: Entries must be received by 5pm 18 September, 2009. One entry per person. All correct entries will go into a draw to be held on 17 August and the winner will be notified by email on 21 September, 2009.

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