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Cortes de Cima case study

Cortes de Cima is a family owned winery in Alentejo, Portugal. The owners, Hans originated from Denmark, and American wife Carrie were living in Malaysia for a long time before settling down in Portugal.

This is the reason why Cortes de Cima is sensitive to cultural difference. They realized that, to be successful in China, consumers need to understand and feel comfortable with their wines. Traditional tasting notes using western jargons and descriptors such as minerality, floral, passion fruit make little sense and bear no reference to Chinese consumers.

Cortes de Cima engaged IWC consultancy services to develop tasting notes that identify with Chinese consumers and their cultural background.

IWC created the tasting notes using flavours terms that the Chinese are familiar with, these wines were also expertly paired with typical Chinese dishes. Below are extracts of the some of them:


2007 Syrah:


Original tasting note: Complex aromas of earth, spice and fruit, with a solid textured palate showing red berry fruit, sweet and gamey flavors. Well balanced with a good structure and a long finish.

IWC creation: ... 西方人多會用礦物 (mineral) 來形容這07 年佳; 但在中國人飲食經驗中,它令我們想起我們最愛的食物之一 : 海味,尤其是乾瑤柱。.... 最佳配搭: 北京烤鴨,北方河魚 (.... Westerners will describe the aroma as mineral but in the food culture of Chinese, this 2007 Syrah reminds us of one of our beloved food - dried seafood, especially dried scallops.....Best food match: Peking duck, river fish cooked in Northern China style)

2005 Touriga Nacional:

Touriga Nacional

Original tasting note: Deep,dense, intense red, purple notes. Fragrant, lifted aroma of dark berry fruits, violets and cherry toasty oak. Soft, nicely textured palate showing sweet, ripe seductive fruit with seamless integration of oak, silky tannins.

IWC creation: ....它的風味不容易以三言兩字來形容,但帶給我們在上海糖果店及雜貨舖很不同的風味。本身酒香,有舒服感覺。口感流滑爽甜,還有很多回味。 最佳配搭: 牛腩煲,臘味飯,山炒糯米飯 ( ... It is not easy to describe this wine in a few words but it reminds us of the rich and colourful smells of a Shanghai candy store or a grocery store. The wine is fragrant, aromatic and comfortable. It has a smooth mouthfeel and a lingering taste. Best food match: Stew beef brisket in clay pot, Preserved meat with rice, Fried glutinous rice)




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